Our Principals

Since 1812

Richard Hough Limited, UK

Richard Hough Ltd is more than 200 years old and is the inventor of calendar roll technology in the world. They design and manufacture different calendar rolls (cotton, polyamide, paper, etc.) as per the calendaring requirement.

Richard Hough manufactures all types of Wet Processing Rolls including High Efficiency Squeeze Rolls which guarantee at least 15% more squeezing compared to your current rolls. The technology, capability & performance offered by Richard Hough rolls is unparalleled to any other in this industry across the world. Where ever customers have stringent performance requirements, they use Richard Hough rolls.


Trademarked Brands of RichardHough – MaxExtractor, Roberto, Robertex, Resilio, Syncast & Simtex.

Since 1975

Cibitex, S. R. L, Italy

World renowned Italian manufacturer of Finishing machines including Sanforizing Machines, Complete Finishing Lines for Denim, Causticizing/ Mercerizing machines and Washing Machines for various fabrics including wovens, denim and knits.

Cibitex provides end to end solutions for Textile Finishing. Whether you process wovens or denim or knits, Cibitex machines support a variety of fabric blends including viscose, velvet, fleece cotton, interlock cotton, jersey cotton, wool, polyester, poplin, satin, silk, etc.
Cibitex often makes customized solutions which use innovative technologies and delivers to customers highest quality machinery that is efficient, reliable and ease-of-use.


Sanforizing Machines & Shrinkage Control Machines, Mercerizers, Special Washing Machines (Uses 50% less water), Complete Finishing Lines.

Since 2007

Match Point GmbH, Germany

Match Point GmbH is a known name in the world of sueding, peaching & Emerization. They are the inventors of Diamond Peach technology in the world. They design and manufacture diamond Emery Tapes and Peaching Machines as per the Peaching/ Sueding requirement.

Match Point manufactures different types of diamond emery tapes suitable for various pre-treatment, sueding and peaching requirements for wovens, knits and denim applications. Their proprietary Diamond Peach technology ensures there is almost 0% 2nd grade fabric after the peaching process. They also manufacture the DiamondTec sueding machines which gives excellent peaching results. In denim, the Diamond Peach technology can give different wash effects on fabric without using water or chemicals.


Trademarked brands of Match Point - Diamond Peach and DiamondTec

Since 1994

Atac Makina, Turkey

Leaders in manufacturing & supplying Laboratory Machines, Small production Machines for fiber, yarn & fabric, Testing equipments and Control Panels for Textiles, Leather & Chemical industries.

ATAC is more than 27 years old and are specialists in textile laboratory machines and small production machines. The performance of these machines is at par with any of the best brands in the world. ATAC is able to provide customized machines as per customer requirements and has the ability to provide up to 98% replication of lab to bulk results. All machines conform to all European certification standards and specifications.


Laboratory Machines including combination machines for Fiber; Yarn; Fabric & Accessories for Textile Applications and customized machines as per requirements

Since 2006

William Birch (Machinery) Limited, UK

Leaders in Process Sewing Machines for Woven, Knit, Non Wovens, Technical Textiles, Carpets, Felt, Rugs, Towels & Tire Cord Stitching Machines & Specialty fabric process stitching machines.

William Birch (Machinery) Ltd are specialists in process sewing machines – for butt stitch and chain stitch. The machines are used in Wovens, Non Wovens, Knits, Technical Textiles, Carpets, Felt, Filters & specialty fabrics. These machines ensure that fabric does not overlap at the stitch thereby ensuring lesser fabric wastage in processing and also longer life of padder mangle rolls.


Sewing Machines for Fabric Processing and Tire Cord Stitching Machines for Tire Dipping lines.

Since 1852

Parex Mather Limited, UK

Inventors of Singeing technology who provide Singeing Machinery for Knits, Wovens, Non Wovens, Technical Textiles, Carpets, Felts, Industrial filters, NVH & Automotive fabrics.

Parex Mather Limited is more than 150 years old and is the Inventor of Singeing technology. Parex Mather is only one who can provide long lasting consistent singeing performance with guaranteed low cost maintenance as compared to any other singeing machine provider in the world.

Parex invented the ceramic brick technology in the world but in 1964 discarded it as it was inefficient. They adopted PAREX5000 burner technology which ensures direct singeing with many associated benefits.

Parex Mather is not new to this country. The oldest machinery manufacturer - Calico, in Mumbai, had a collaboration with Parex Mather. The singe units were imported from Parex Mather U.K. whereas the entry & exit arrangements were manufactured by Calico and supplied to customers.
Today, the technology has been upgraded and Parex provides unparallelled singeing performance and lowest maintenance overheads. Parex also provides custom designed machinery for flame lamination requirements.


Singeing Machines for Wovens; Knits; Technical Textiles, Non Wovens, Carpets, Felt & Filter fabrics & Specialty applications; Flame Lamination machines

Since 1976

Tandematic Systems, USA

The experts in the world for all types of Decurlers/ Unculrers, Pinning, Gumming, Trimming, Storing and Web Centering Systems. Anybody and Everybody who manufactures the above mentioned products tries to unsuccessfully copy Tandematic (including Germany).

It can help you save minimum 52000 sq. meter of fabric per year on your stenter of you are currently not using Tandematic equipments (decurler, pinning system, gumming unit and edge trim unit).

Tandematic also guarantees that:
For stenter equipment, the point of pinning (using Tandematic Rail Guider & Pinning system) can be set to be within 6 mm from the edge of the fabric..
The point of gumming (using Tandematic Gum System) can be set to gum within 3 mm from the stenter pins
The point of edge trimming (using Tandematic Edge Trim System) can be set to trim 3mm from the stenter pins (if gum remains on the fabric) OR trim within 3mm from the gumming line (if gum is to be trimmed)
The trimmed selvedge waste will never remain on the stenter pins after trimming and return on The pin chain.

Following a mis-pin, fabric will return to its previous position and trimming will resume without operator attention.
Be aware of copies – insist on the genuine Tandematic trim system! Reduced trim waste = increased fabric yield = more profit.


Web Centering & Web Guiding systems; Fabric Storing systems; Decurlers/ Uncurlers; Pinning ; Gumming and Trimming equipments, web positioning equipment for paper & films.

Since 1988

GCM Group, Turkey

Well known Turkish manufacturer of automated packaging machines and inspection machines for raw and finished fabrics for various fabric types.

GCM Group is a known name in Turkey for Fabric Inspection Machines, Lot Preparation Machines and Automated packaging machines. With exports to 30 countries worldwide, GCM Group manufactures their machines in various configurations for different types of fabrics.

GCM Group specializes in:
Inspection Machines in various configurations with tension control mechanism are suitable for Raw Fabric, Semi-Finished & Finished Fabrics for Wovens, Non Wovens, Knits, Technical Textiles and Denims.
Automatic Lot Preparation Machines, Fabric Cutting Machines & Fabric Samples Preparation Machines for wovens, non wovens, technical textiles, knits and denims.
Automatic Roll Packing & Labeling machines; Automatic packaging lines and final roll sorting machines
Conveyor lines and Automatic Roll sorting equipments


Inspection Machines, Lot Preparation Machines, Semi-automatic & Automatic Packing Machines, Automated Packaging & Sorting Lines, Defect Capturing & Tracking Software

Since 1980

Consultex Systems, USA

Well known American manufacturer of rotary spray systems and coating systems for various applications including non wovens, knits, wovens, technical textiles, paper, wood laminates, etc.

Consultex specializes in:
Coating or spraying any type of chemical or water to surface of fabrics, paper, films, etc.
Guarantees streak free spray of liquids on the surface of substrates
Precise control of sprayability across the web width within 0.5% or lesser
Customized solutions are often designed for proprietary process requirements


Patented Rotary Spray Systems

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