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The Gaurs prides itself in being associated with some of the world’s best machinery manufacturers from United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Turkey and United States of America. Whether you are in Textiles or Paper, Non wovens or Jute, Carpets or Viscose Fibres, Cold Rolling Mills or Automotive, our machines and products have set the industry benchmarks for performance, reliability, consistency and have delivered on whatever has been committed to our customers.


Associated with the best

Capitalize on Technology and Quality Products for Better Perfomance

The Gaurs is an authorized representative of some of the world’s leading manufacturers from Europe and America, for machinery and equipments, related to processing and finishing of Textiles (wovens, knits, non wovens, technical textiles, etc.), manufacturing of specialty Paper, Carpets & Felts, Jute, Viscose fibres, Cold Rolling Mills and Automotive manufacturing Industry.
We are responsible for marketing, sales, maintenance services and provisioning of spares of the machines, equipments and solutions we represent.

Our Services

We offer a broad range of specialized services related to technical evaluation, process improvement identification, equipment customization, supply, installation and maintenance of various machines and energy saving equipments. Our range of services can broadly be classified as:


Study the customers existing processes, pain areas and desired scope of improvement.


Assist our principals in customizing the product as per results committed to the customer.


Identify the solution and assess it’s suitability and fitment to fulfill the requirement.


Provide assistance in installing the equipments and machines at customer locations.


Quantify the improvements and/or savings our products can bring to our customers.


Provide maintenance services and spares for our equipments and machines, post installation.

Is there a better way of improving production?

Whether you are manufacturing Textiles (Wovens, Knits, Non Wovens & Technical Textiles), or Specialty Paper, or even Jute, Cold Rolling Mills, Metals or into Automotive industry, our products and solutions can provide huge savings in energy, increase in production volumes and reduction in wastage in minimum turnaround time.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Reduced Electricity and energy consumption by up to 30%
  • Guaranteed process improvements
  • Increased production output by up to 30%
  • Eliminate production bottlenecks and stoppages by up to 20%
  • Reduced fabric wastage by up to 50%
  • Provide excellent finishing results
  • Replicate upto 98% from Lab to Production
  • Reduce Bio wash/enzyme treatment chemicals use by 100%


For wovens, knits and specialty fabrics – We provide Singeing machines; Fabric Preparation machines; Sanforizing & Shrinkage Control machines; Sueding & Peaching machines; Washing machines (specifically for CPB); Mercerizer; Laboratory machines; Process Stitching machines; Calendar Rolls; Brushing Rolls & Emery rolls; High squeezing & Sizing rolls; Inspection & Packing lines; Web Centering devices; Pinning Units; Gumming & Selvedge Trim Units and Spray & Coating systems.

Non-Wovens & Jute

For Spunbound and Needle punched – We provide Singeing machines; Sanforizing & Shrinkage Control machines; Laboratory machines; Process Stitching machines; Calendar Rolls, High squeezing Rolls, Inspection Machines; Automatic Packing lines and Spray & Coating systems. High precision solutions for critical applications in Surgical; Sanitary; Ships; Automotive & Planes.


We provide Singeing machines; Fabric Preparation machines; Sanforizing & Shrinkage Control machines; End-to-End Complete Denim Finishing Lines; Sueding & Peaching machines; Laboratory machines; Process Stitching machines; Calendar Rolls, Brushing Rolls & Emery rolls; High squeezing & Sizing rolls, Inspection & Packing lines; Web Centering devices; Pinning Units; Gumming & Selvedge Trim Units and Spray & Coating

Speciality Paper

For Coated Paper, Cigarette Paper and other specialty applications – We can provide special Calendar Rolls (Polyamide-based, Paper-based or custom applications depending on requirement). Our web Centering and web guiding devices align the paper web perfectly to ensure reduced wastages; We provide Rotary Spray & Coating systems that can ensure perfect moisture control across the paper webs and can spray veryminute quantities of various coating chemicals.

Dyes & Chemicals

For Fabrics, Fiber and Yarn-We provide the complete range of Laboratory solutions related to processes of Printing, Processing and Finishing. Our range includes machines such as Padders, Dryers, Coaters, Printing Machines, Stenters, Singeing Machines, Calendar Machines, Loop Agers &amp Flash Agers, Yarn Dyeing and Sampling machines, Fabric Dyeing machines, Jiggers, Continuous machines such as Pad Steam Wash, Pad Dry + Pad Steam Wash, E-Control, CPB process etc.

Metals & Automotive

We offer highly efficient oiling rolls and wiping/ cleaning rolls that meet the most stringent demands of the automotive industry and metals industry. We also provide various types of chemical spray systems and coating solutions which can guarantee optimal performance in critical conditions where the requirements are to control coatings within 0.1% tolerances.

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