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We Are Engineers
& Service Providers

We Represent World's Leading Textile Machinery Manufacturers from UK, USA, Italy & Turkey and cater to the markets of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka Thailand & Indonesia.

The Gaurs offers a broad range of machinery. To supplement the machinery sales, we offer comprehensive range of services including – study and evaluation of existing technology; assisting in customization of our products to meet the requirements; quantifying the advantages and savings it can bring to the customer; consulting with our principals to design and deliver on what is committed to the customer; install the machinery and then provide necessary maintenance, service and spares support to our customer. used in finishing & efficiency improvement processes in textile, paper, cold rolling & metal industry.

Global Support

We offer Erection & Commissioning, Maintenance and Spares services across 5 countries.

Smart Network

We have a network of professionals with deep industry expertise located across countries.

Deeply customizible

Our machines and solutions are customized to meet each customer’s requirements

Complete Solutions

We target the customer’s problems and deliver on solving them. We would not do it any other way.

Our Commitment

Our efforts are firmly focused on delivering to our customers, superior quality products, world renowned for their efficiency & performance, at the best possible price. Our commitment to provide excellent customer service is backed by the core values of growth oriented action, flawless performance and immense respect for individuals.

Lab to Bulk Replication90%

90% Complete

Less Moisture Post Squeezing30%

30% Complete

Less Edge Trim Wastage50%

50% Complete

Eliminate Bio Wash/ Enzyme Treatment100%

100% Complete

Increased Production output on existing Finishing machinery 20%

20% Complete

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The Gaurs assure you of best quality products at cost-effective prices coupled with an unmatched customer service & excellent technical support.